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Welcome to Bigled Glow Sticks Direct, a consumer information site designed to help you find the best deals and the most

 unique products in the rapidly growing LED Flashing and Glow lightstick-products industry.

Today, LED Flashing and Glow sticks aren't just a party accessory or Halloween prop or a raver's toy.

The technology behind these magic light sticks is used by divers, campers and in numerous other settings that require a portable and reliable light source.

Even more exciting is the fact that luminescence research - and good old Taiwan marketing - has created a fabulous world of toys, gifts,

jewelry and other products that are both inexpensive and fun!                                       


Self-supporting factory

Order for created new products and special size, color, packing are welcome 

We also engage OEM/ODM production, including : styling design, art design molding, and producing

We can produce for you  polymorphism, multicolor, light product ! 






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